Interview with Wojciech Halarewicz, CEO of Mazda Italy – 2nd Part

CEO Mazda Italia
…the first part of the interview Do you think it is possible to produce vehicles by industries with more agile organizations than those currently existing? Certainly industrial organizations can and must become more agile and this would benefit both the production and the commercial aspects. Mazda found a solution to this need, summarized in a Japanese term: Monotsukuri Innovation, which literally...

Interview with Wojciech Halarewicz, CEO of Mazda Italy – 1st Part

CEO Mazda Italia
Interview Date: Jun, 1st 2012. Professional Profile: Wojciech Halarewicz Remarks: Interview carried by  Emilio Perri We were lucky to cross on the “our way” Wojciech Halarewicz, CEO of Mazda Italy, what better opportunity to ask him about his international experience?  Considering the most recent news we cannot but ask for more information on the Alfa Romeo-Mazda agreement, just signed...

Interview to Marco Saltalamacchia

Interview Date: March, 14th 2012. Professional Profile: Marco Saltalamacchia Remarks: Interview carried by  Pietro Montagna   I have asked Mr. Marco SALTALAMACCHIA (former Senior Vice President of BMW Sales & CEO of BMW Italy SpA) some thoughts about the future of our sector. Good Morning Mr. Saltalamacchia, the current crisis of the European Automotive Market triggered a huge brainstorming...