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Dear Internet users,

After a year and a half from the start-up I decided to make the space on the blog available and to share, in a structured way, the skills expressed in these pages, giving you an example of how and what you can do to be part of the market, stopping, so, to be at the mercy of what others decide for us.

All this always fully respecting what I have already declared in Vision&Mission; you well know we are not kind to…. “talk and badge”!

Here below you will find 2 presentations which I will explain in details. In the first slide there is the Automotive Space “catalog”- valid throughout 2016– that means what this niche blog can offer in terms of tangible and immediate communication, as well as the support we can offer thanks to widespread networks.

This will allow us to offer more services and more quality.

For services I refer to new sections and partnerships, while for quality I mean the resources needed for the hosting, plugins and professional topics as well as the support of programmer who can create a “Tailor Made” product.

The second slide shows the detailed statistics, updated every six months, about what happens inside and outside the Automotive Space.

For each study you will found the contacts on the last page of the first range of slide. Alternatively you can contact me by mail, that you can see (and click) in the right corner of footer.

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