Total Ecology: Am I dreaming or am I serious?

Arcona 380 Z
Shipyards, which manufacture super fast and super motorized boats, advertise ecological solutions and environmental protection often unlikely. As it happens in the Automotive sector, also in yachting it is hard to find real alternatives in terms of consumptions and pollution and often the solutions adopted – see the electric motor – for now remain debatable because of efficacy and confined to marginal...

The sustainable mobility goes through inter-modality

Mobilità sostenibile
Listening to different observation about the automotive future, and in general about means of transport, I remembered of some notes taken during the lesson of “Economy of Transport” by professor Ennio Forte (UNINA- Federico II University of Neaples – Italy -) some decades ago. In the last years, there were been progresses but, as declared by the White Book of Transport 2011 (EC), the next...

Interview with Jacques Bousquet President of Renault Italia – 2^nd part

… the first part! Speaking of electric cars, what is your opinion of the EC 2011 White Paper and of the studies conducted in the US, by Exxon and by Toyota itself, according to which a significant market is only possible after 2020? Don’t you think Renault’s anticipating the times is counterproductive? And if you don’t, why not? I don’t think so because a significant market for electric...

Interview with Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW Italy – 2^nd Part

Sergio Solero
…the first part. Considering the above, the increase of taxation on the car should not be viewed as positive with respect to alternatives taxation on citizens? The automotive industry is an asset for the economy. In terms of turnover, tax contribution, job-creation. We believe that something in terms of taxation can be done to move the sector, although we are in a complex scenario like the present. A...

Interview with Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW Italy – 1^st Part

Sergio Solero
Interview Date: July 31, 2012 Professional Profile: Sergio Solero Notes: Interview by Pietro Montagna Among its many commitments, in Italy and abroad, we were able to reach Dr. Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW and Mini cars in Italy. The replies received worth the long wait, thanks to the right perception of the spirit of our blog by Dr. Solero. Starting from this premise we wish you a good reading...

Are the solutions for creating less pollution really effective?

During the approval phase for cars, automobile companies are required to comply with the regulations in the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) established by directive EU 91/441/EC. This regulation calls for a series of tests that must be uniform and repeatable. To guarantee that they can be repeated, the tests are performed not on roads or a track but on dynamometric rollers in a laboratory at a controlled...
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