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chi scrive su questo blog

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Often – surfing the web – I asked myself: which identity has this web space?
Who writes on?
Why it is so heterogeneus and different?

Now – that I am on the start-up of this adventure – I would not redo the same mistake and, at the same time, I will give a series of unique and clear information to those who want to be in the match with us!

Here we are speaking around Automotive, you will not find any cars test or reviews, except in special cases and for models that it represents a real turning point in the Automotive world.

This it will be an indipendent space open to all those who wish to participate to this challenging project and they have something to communicate – just for once, or even every day – (in the whole supply chain: including manufacturers, dealers and their coworkers) to the ‘automotive environment’ in which we decided to live and fulfill our potential, for passion education or moulding.

Here you will find serious Professionals who will submit and argue on practical, operational issues or topics that affect them, and how they look to the future without forgetting that, however, we are in the present.

In other words, here we look at the moon and not the finger that points at it, not forgetting that we are always with our feet planted on Earth – which was often done in recent years and now is back in fashion again!

So we “welcome” all those who wish to participate to our defy; we ask seriousness, competence, and … nothing else!

Please, we expect a good ‘word of mouth‘ from you toward your automotive network, and feel free to contact us with trust!

The Automotive Space Staff


 (Translated by Maurizio Sala)

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