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Cosa è questo blog

A little flower between my fingers © Tobias Abel

Although it is not easy to answer to the title of this page I really wanted it to be created, even though it may seem a statement of position and, in a certain way, inhibit future developments.

I feel it necessary exactly for this, to express the very purpose of this blog, which exists because it responds to the specific needs of those who write on it and those who want to make comments.

In a so difficult time for world economy, and for the automotive sector in particular, it is discouraging to see the management striving to find ways to go on.

The failure of certain industrial policies and the farsightedness of certain strategies obvious to all but those that decided them, convinced me to jot down what I think and what others think about.
From these thoughts arose many discussions, sometimes mutual enrichment and sometimes incompatible views … but that’s life!

Then I asked myself, why we don’t collect all these ideas?
Why we don’t create a space with our names, where everyone takes his position and tells us a vision of the future and the opinions about certain decisions or strategies?
Of course not everyone can do it; how many of our colleagues do not take a position and wait to jump on the bandwagon?

Well then this site is not for them, this is a space made for those who take a position, for those who want to be witness and actors of their time, even for those who are not accurate, but that are ready to confront each other, to grow and review their beliefs.

If it is true that the synthesis, of Hegelian memory, is the overcoming of the initial thesis, through the contribution of the antithesis, then we finally enucleated this thesis, and not just standing at the window and waiting for others “finding the way” to then follow them as if we were discovered it.
Also because only in this way we can build a reputation, stimulate others opinions, provide information, create awareness.

I make a solemn promise… .. you will never find again so conceptual and programmatic speeches on this site, but this preface was necessary to “set the borders” and say who we are. For this reason I reserved it a whole page.

(Translated by Raffaele Vincenti)


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