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From B2B and B2C to 1to1: How the commercial policies change

The “dogma” that we learned at the university, during the masters, and then in the working life, that is from a business point of view the private client and the client company were different, is no longer true. The competitive element among the supplying companies, the amount of information that the customer receives (whether it is a company or a consumer) has overthrown many of the assumptions...

Customer satisfaction vs Customer Defection

Some time ago we wrote about that topic (and related costs). The following is a true story, I will tell you about this one step by step to comply with the limits imposed by the website. The events! 1991 One night, my car, registered 1989 with 45.000 Km (I bought it new and always done the MOT at the official place) after the start at a traffic light, suddenly stopped as pushed by an invisible giant...

Why should we say thanks for every complaint we received?

Starting an article with such a title, which means in itself a “strange“, “particular” question which could cause laughter to most, has, actually, a specific basis which we will try to explain. Why would we thank for a complaint? Each of us was a customer, or is one now or will be one and you’ve had a chance to have “first-hand experience” the unexpected eventuality,...

Why Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be my next car

Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Saturday, February 11, I spent a beautiful day in the famous test track in Balocco. It was presented in world premiere, before the Official Press Conference in thenext February 22 in Saint Moritz, what will be the next Alfa Romeo SUV, expected for several years, since the exercise of “style” Kamal. The newness are first of all, in the communication mode, this preview “social”...
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