New FCA Group: Second semester 2014

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The Second semester of the year shows positive data for the new FCA Group at a global level, in particular in the European market and the North American one as well. More in detail throughout the semester- just ended- FCA has recorded increases higher than those of both the Spanish and UK market, even with significant increases in double digits. Instead the sales trend in the important German and French...

2014: First quarter Sales for FCA

Waiting the launch of the new business plan FCA by Marchionne about the near future, planned for 6th,May in Detroit and that in addition to confirmations and new directions for the Group’s brands, it should finally clarify the expected developments of “Alfa Romeo”, meanwhile we comment the results referring to car registrations of Chrysler Fiat Group Automobiles in the first quarter of 2014. We...

Pre-Reporting: Is it Lying?

A post on one of my LinkedIn groups highlighted a concern that I have long held with pre-reporting units. Over the years I have struggled to understand the benefit to anyone for doing so. I remember as a Sales Manager for one of the OEM’s we would dread month end because it usually entailed phoning dealers to put pressure on them to capture sales cards on unsold vehicles in their stock. One divisional...

Memorable Experience

Today we live in an era in which we are bombarded with a wealth of information. Today more than ever it is important to sell not only automobiles but also experiences. Automobile companies invest millions of euros in advertising, spokespersons and events. It has almost become a habit for many brands to be open on Sunday, dictated by the company, which is costly for the dealer. On the other hand, few...

Peugeot South Africa: Go big, or go home.

Peugeot South Africa has announced its intention to grow its sales in South Africa by 40%. The number sounds high, but the brand, like its sibling Citroen, battles to sell even 200 cars a month and therefore has a very low base to start with. When Peugeot re-entered the local market ten years ago, it was a hit with consumers who bought the funky French cars in droves. Many had fond memories of legendary...

Act Like You Are in an Economic Crisis!

There is no doubt that we are in for a very lengthy economic downturn with any green shoots immediately eradicated by the very effective weed killer – the financial sector. We have almost resigned ourselves to the fact that if our currency depreciates or the gold price drops (amongst others) we are in for more tough times. We throw our hands up in defeat when we hear about the Euro zone or US...
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