New SUV Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Before of the official presentation in November at Los Angeles Auto Show, the first images on the Street of the new SUV Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Alfa Romeo will go back in USA after several years with this car. Probably, It will be presented as world premiere to the Paris Auto Show next 1 october. #Staytunedwithus for new images and videos (note: click on the images to enlarge) Share this:… Read...

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV & Basic Versions

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV
One week before the 86th Geneva International Motor Show, we come across, on the streets of Turin, in the new Alfa Romeo Giulia QV with rear spoiler and 4-tailpipes without camouflage, but also in the “Basic” version which will be unveil in the Motor Show. differences are definitely clear between the “Basic” version to the major “sister“: 1-tailpipe, no rear spoiler...

The “Tipo” family: hatchback & estate spy-shots

The new latest double seeing which complete the “Tipo” family. Hatchback & Estate variants on the streets around Turin for the latest tests before the media presentation next March 1st, 2016 at 2016 Geneva Motor show. You can see that the chromed door handles aren’t more masked and they are protruding from the profile. In this version we see the presence of a superior spoiler...

Sighting New Tris Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia
Despite of many rumors about the postponed latest version of the new Alfa, we could nevertheless have a glimpse on Three Alfa Romeo Giulia. All of them are equipped with 4-tailpipes, empowered with the latest engine version thrust created in collaboration with Ferrari. Though two of them still in camouflage, but still definitely ready to show off all of their horse power, Even if in the arteries of...

The spy shots of the new Mazzanti Evantra

A few days ago I had occasion to see closely the by now legendary Evantra 01 of Mazzanti Automobili; and I point out to you the link to see all the exclusive pics. Walking through the Atelier I found a lot of activity around two workstations and, intrigued by the sheets and covers, I am returned in secret and I could steal some shots of a new model of Evantra with more extreme prefomances. I report...

Fiat 500X Camouflage, new version or test components?

Fiat 500X
New sighting, Fiat 500X mule camouflaged into the road of the turin ‘s province. New versions, new internal or only components test? #staytunedwithus   (note: click on the images to enlarge) Share this:… Read the rest Share this: