Renault, the future between twin engine two-stroke and Value-up

Renault Twin engine
There is still much to develop on internal combustion engines , and it is not true that the immediate future must inevitably pass from complicated, unnecessary and expensive electric cars. An example, of how you can rewrite the engine technology using classical concepts, comes from laboratory researches by Renault on a new two-stroke turbo diesel engine. That is “What is the news? We have already...

Jaguar: new models and engines

Jaguar XE
Jaguar officially announced the upcoming arrival of the XE, the new “middle” model that is going to fight against the premium models for excellence, like the German BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4. The car will be the heir of the unlucky X -Type, which production was deleted in 2009 and never had as successful as hoped. The market debut is awaited in the late 2014. The XE has...

Relaunching Alfa Romeo: A bit of Ferrari in the future

While the spotlight around the world are focused on the latest models of the Detroit Motor Show, in Italy still echoes the words of Sergio Marchionne and John Elkann pronounced during the press conference about the Group, the results achieved and the perspectrives for the future. In fact the merger and the IPO were discussed, as well as the ” new headquarter issue”, dealt with after the...

Manufacturer Alliances: Good or bad?

The recent announcement by PSA and GM of their intended strategic alliance is one of many such alliances between various manufacturers. But when do these alliances start diluting brand equity? In the past the first tentative alliances were based on purchasing power formats. Then the inevitable creep sets in with manufacturers sharing platforms, major components, engines and indeed entire vehicles. There...
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