Remember those great Volkswagen ads?

Remember those great Volkswagen ads?
In 1959 Volkswagen was at a turning point: in the previous year it sold 150,000 Beetles in the USA, dangerously approaching the maximum result obtainable through the word-of-mouth among customers. To avoid the stagnating sales the choice is only one: to develop an advertising campaign. The DDB won the selection among 400 advertisers,until then the DDB had advertised department stores, (Israeli) airlines,...

Pirelli and Pininfarina: an unavoidable epilogue

Another company in the automotive sector of our Europe moved in the court of the giant Asian ChemChina. Pirelli, the fifth tire manufacturer on the world, has been acquired by means of sovereign funds of nationalized China. An operation financially complex which opens the debate to a series of assessments on the health conditions of our badly off capitalism, especially if you consider that the company...

Considerations around the “Body-maker” profession in Piemonte (IT)

Piemonte, a region of North-West of Italy, was the cradle of design and creativity in the automotive sector in the past years. For this reason, in the ’60s, was considered the region of the automobile. A very small number of handworkers, craftsmen, medium and large companies, managed with passion and professionalism. Professionalism acquired on the field that generated a know-how in the art of...