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This current page gathers the whole Articles that affect subjects, regarding Automotive Selective Distribution..

From European Norms to Quality and Quantitative Standards, from Home and Dealers Relationship to Official and Indipendent Worker Repairs, After Market Operators and Competitors.

There are opininons on today's world, new ideas and proposals about the future for Senior and Junior professionals.

Peugeot and Citroen: It’s nice to win easy!

  By at least one semester Peugeot and Citroen started a radical transformation of production, managerial, commercial and communication. Talk about the last aspect: the Communication! Money are invested if there is something to communicate and when there are budgets to bind on. Budgets are allocated if there are invoices. Data about Italy and Europe show that there’s turmoil… to put it mildly. From...

Amazon, books and cars

    I’ve always been interested in the possible and future developments of our field. A hobby more and more challenging, daily and multidisciplinary, because the new technologies have increased so muchthe evolution in each field. Few days ago I was impressed by one of the Amazon “future project”. As you well know, Inc. is an American e-commerce company based in Seattle, USA....

Interview with Stefano Villanti, Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Product Strategy at Qoros

  Interview date: Feb 21,  2014 Professional Profile: Stefano Villanti is the Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Product Strategy at Qoros Automotive Co., Ltd.. He joined the organisation in 2008 and was a key staff member during the initial start-up phase. As Qoros has grown so has Stefano’s responsibility and he now leads over 260 internal and external Qoros staff. Prior to joining...

The customers will enjoy every comfort, but the Dealers?

  The Chevrolet has officially announced the abandonment of the European market at the end of 2015. The decision, which was declared at the beginning by the American headquarter, has been confirmed as irrevocable by the same top management GME. The Chevrolet won’t officially take part anymore both in the Western and in the Eastern Europe because of the high competitive business model and...

Interview with Cristiano Carlutti, Sales and Marketing Qoros Director for EMEA – 2^nd part

  …from the first part! Designing a sales network is not an easy thing, but even more difficult is the set-up of the after sales service network, also in this case can you helps us to understand how you are moving? Even in this case, the focus is on what really matters to the customer. If something does not benefit the customer it becomes not only a cost but also an organizational obstacle:...

Interview with Cristiano Carlutti, Sales and Marketing Qoros Director for EMEA – 1^st part

  Date of interview Jun, 4 2013 Professional profile: Business Administration degree at Bocconi University in Milano, Cristiano has developed an 18 years long experience in sales, retail development and marketing, with experiences in Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland and United Kingdom and responsibilities growing from the Italian market to the European and finally to the European and Middle Eastern...

Interview with Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO – Mopar® – 1^st part

  Date of the interview: March, 26 2013 Professional Profile: Pietro Gorlier was born in Turin (Italy), he joined the Fiat Group in 1989 as a market analyst in Iveco helding various positions in logistics, in the After Sales and Customer Care, before joining Fiat Group Automobiles in 2006. After the experience in FGA and in CNH Global N.V., he joined Chrysler Group. He is President and CEO of...

Where shall we go?

  I belong to a relatively new generation, too much committed to principles and values typical of the previous generation and I consider myself quite prone to decode the behavior of the next generation. Today society evolves towards integration of communication tools and information and this will make it less necessary to move to cultivate relationships. Let’s look at today and let us realize...

What Dealers can learn from JFK?

  As well as fishing in Italy is miserably in bankruptcy due to a wrong management of the sea – which allowed exploitation of resources beyond the limit – so now someone would like to follow the same exploitation of the “vast automotive’s sea” by continuing to preserve entire species of fishermen thanks to artifices such as bonus, contributions and Government incentives. The...

Italy: whilst Penske is arriving, Marchione is… departing?

  With trumpets and drums Mr. Rob Kurnick announces the landing of the Penske Group into the land of Fiat: “In Italy the economy is recovering and there are opportunities to grab!” A few days ago the associations of Dealers and Manufacturers – Federauto and Unrae – had spoken a “bit differently” regarding the dramatic situation of all those spitting blood in...

Interview to Marco Saltalamacchia

  Interview Date: March, 14th 2012. Professional Profile: Marco Saltalamacchia Remarks: Interview carried by  Pietro Montagna   I have asked Mr. Marco SALTALAMACCHIA (former Senior Vice President of BMW Sales & CEO of BMW Italy SpA) some thoughts about the future of our sector. Good Morning Mr. Saltalamacchia, the current crisis of the European Automotive Market triggered a huge brainstorming...

The ‘revolution’ of Mercedes Benz

  The new Mercedes-Benz platform – CarTogether – which promotes car sharing to reduce emissions and traffic, promised to be a revolution. What we lacked was that the German firm – rather than promoting his products or the image of the brand – it is more precisely using the image of the revolutionary par excellence: ‘Che’ Guevara, with the M-B symbol on his...

The Emperor Has No Clothes!

  The way the OEM’s operate their franchises leaves a lot to debate about. Having worked for both OEM’s and retail outlets, I have formed some strong opinions about how the OEM’s are conducting themselves of late. The relationship between the two used to be relatively simple: the manufacture designed and built cars and the retailer sold and serviced them. The control that the OEM had over...

Standards! A new absurd war for dealers: the ‘retaliation’ of the OEMs.

  As reported by Automotive News, Jim Peruto, a dealer in Pennsylvania, is considering – reluctantly – the purchase of a new building for his dealership. This new facility will replace the existing store that cost $20 million to build just six years ago. “Mercedes-Benz told me it was their most beautiful dealership in the world before they told me that I didn’t conform”. Mr....

NEW BER …”return to antiquity”!?

  Still have doubts? All there to see … what will happen? Actually it is difficult, if not impossible, to understand a so complex subject in almost absolute absence of  “information”! Nothing to do, as we all remember, with “brass bands” and the media overexposure that …, accompanied the EU statement of Mario Monti before, during and after its arrival. Of course, the legislative...
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