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Here we will publish , the results of surveys that the Editoral Staff of Automotive Space has organized over the years.
Every Poll will have the percentages of the answers and the date of start and end; it will be published a series of posts, for each Poll, that you can read in the appropriate category.

For further details, or suggestions, please contact us via mail: redazione (at)


POLL N. 9 (1 – International)
Registrations of EVs are still very low, what is the main reason?
high costs 26%
failure charging network 20%
poor autonomy 19%
lack of cultural market 13%
long charging times 9%
poor performance 5%
poor choice (models/types ) 5%
no advertising 2%
problematic waste batteries 0%
Start: Jul 2, 2015 Tot. Voters: 91
Closed: Jul 20, 2015

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