Customer Satisfaction? Fix It Again Tony!

Fix It Again Tony!
  American clients have a clear fixed concept in their minds: “I-pay-so-I-demand”; to make even more clear this idea, in US customers are called consumers. In the Old Continent we know that American consumers are very demanding in terms of quality of products and services: they have exported Customer Satisfaction worldwide. Even in bars and fast-food – also with a bill of 5$ or...

Time stays, carmakers go.

In Italy, in five years, carmakers have lost more than 1,600 dealers, while the dealers of trucks (550 in 2009), today are only 110. Also in the ultra-efficient US there was a die-off: NADA-data shows that more than 6,500 dealers have disappeared. Whilst of the remaining 17,665 dealerships, 5,000 of them sell less than 10 new cars per month, and 7,000 fewer than 30 per month. These numbers in Europe...

China: so close yet so far

During the CADA convention in Chengdu – the panda’s city with the largest mall in the world – I’ve met the extraordinary opportunities of the Chinese market, that astonished also the NADA delegation. Used Cars? We visited a consortium of 400 independent dealers selling 600 used cars per day (200,000 per year), including Sundays. In a unique location, they display 6,000 used cars...

XXI Congresso Fenabrave. Fiat: novo Uno or nuova Panda?

Panda Brasile
Everything has changed! In 2011, 370,000 Portuguese has ‘landed’ in Brazil and thousands of Spaniards have ‘invaded’ Argentina. With so many hopes and their workforce. The eighteenth century’s scenarios in black and white of Ellis Island and the migration to South America after the IIWW are unexpectedly reproduced. Brazil, land of promise for the automotive (not only)....

Standards! A new absurd war for dealers: the ‘retaliation’ of the OEMs.

As reported by Automotive News, Jim Peruto, a dealer in Pennsylvania, is considering – reluctantly – the purchase of a new building for his dealership. This new facility will replace the existing store that cost $20 million to build just six years ago. “Mercedes-Benz told me it was their most beautiful dealership in the world before they told me that I didn’t conform”. Mr....

Automotive communication: different roles between OEM and dealers.

Advertising and the art to manage the emotions of clients.  Advertising is considered the most powerful tool of marketing, has no limits or borders and has become an integral part of the economy in the world. Dorothy Miller the 2011 Nada Convention has analyzed this argument, noting that in the United States today, nearly 40% of car buyers do not trust most of the traditional media such as press,...
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