The car dealers are sick. What about those of Trucks?

The world of HCV and Trucks changes much faster than the one of the automobile! The truck dealers – who are still snubbed as ‘truckers’ with spicy calendars by those who work in the chain of Passenger Vehicles – they are ahead of the “obedient car dealers”. A forced change: the cataclysm feared by the Italian dealers federation is already a reality from some years among...

Bifuel or not? This is the question…Part 2

Here follows the analysis of LPG-CNG  started in the past weeks with questions and answers: Life of LPG-CNG injectors around 30000 miles As mentioned is always advisable to switch to LPG with gasoline especially if you make long-distance routes, for short routes this problem does not exist. Replace LPG-CNG filter every 10000miles The cost is very limited (less than simple operation, and 25 euros) Engine...

Bifuel or not? This is the question…Part 1

In this period of expensive fuel, I suggest again the question of convenience or not to switch to gas. Whether it’s natural gas or LPG, the car is registered as an original bi-fuel or it is transformed , the advantages are many: savings on supplies, reduced emissions and always the ability to drive. What I am going to do is a list of the main concerns, of even greater concern, which can be in dealing...

Indian Automotive industry: a unique case of rational national development plan

The Indian automotive industry development (including vehicles at 2, 3 and 4 wheels) continue to deserve performance in line with Government mission fixed in 2006 for the future decade. The objectives of the Indian Government were to expand the industry by boosting production, domestic market and export sales. The desire is to have an industry contribution at 10% Indian PNL (compared with 5 pct. In...
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