Amazon, books and cars

  I’ve always been interested in the possible and future developments of our field. A hobby more and more challenging, daily and multidisciplinary, because the new technologies have increased so muchthe evolution in each field. Few days ago I was impressed by one of the Amazon “future project”. As you well know, Inc. is an American e-commerce company based in Seattle, USA. It...

Surprise! The consumers prefer self driving cars!

Cisco Systems ( has interviewed 1,500 people and found that half of them buy cars based on the “technologic reputation” of the brand. An interesting result as much as the other findings of the study, such as the increasing “digitization” of the buying process. First things first, starting from the sample used for research: they surveyed 1,511 people in 10 different...

Interview with Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW Italy – 2^nd Part

Sergio Solero
…the first part. Considering the above, the increase of taxation on the car should not be viewed as positive with respect to alternatives taxation on citizens? The automotive industry is an asset for the economy. In terms of turnover, tax contribution, job-creation. We believe that something in terms of taxation can be done to move the sector, although we are in a complex scenario like the present. A...

Interview with Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW Italy – 1^st Part

Sergio Solero
Interview Date: July 31, 2012 Professional Profile: Sergio Solero Notes: Interview by Pietro Montagna Among its many commitments, in Italy and abroad, we were able to reach Dr. Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW and Mini cars in Italy. The replies received worth the long wait, thanks to the right perception of the spirit of our blog by Dr. Solero. Starting from this premise we wish you a good reading...

The Emperor Has No Clothes!

The way the OEM’s operate their franchises leaves a lot to debate about. Having worked for both OEM’s and retail outlets, I have formed some strong opinions about how the OEM’s are conducting themselves of late. The relationship between the two used to be relatively simple: the manufacture designed and built cars and the retailer sold and serviced them. The control that the OEM had over an individual...
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