Dusseldorf exhibition 2018: How it went

It is not simple dealing about the Dusseldorf Boat Show without being repetitive. In the years of crisis, while almost all the other show of the same field was loosing pieces, credibility and visitors, the Dusseldorf Boot grew up until to become the most important in Europe. The progressive breakdown of the Mediterranean shows in Genoa, Barcelona, Paris and London has inevitably brought professionals...

The list of the most read posts of 2016 on Automotive Space

Also this year we like to publish the list of most read posts of Automotive Space. You can see there are more differences from the last post on the most read posts in 2015. For this reason we can confirm that Automotive Space doesn’t aim the last news. Unfortunately from one year we are publishing a fewer number of post because we haven’t abroad correspondents…be patient; we are working...

Body shop mechanic and car manufacturers, bewitched by boats

mercedes-AMG cigarette
It is nothing new that designers and coachbuilders of the automotive field have focused on boats project, in particular on large yachts. Giugiaro has created partnerships with shipyards as Cranchi and Abbate and has signed a project about a new Baglietto long 48 metres, Antalia, in 2007. Norman Foster (McLaren F1) has signed projects of some futuristic yachts that are been admired – or at least observed-...

Dusseldorf: cast a glance over nautical world.

The Dusseldorf Boat Show, which took place during the last week in January, declared the 2016 boating season opened. About the organization of the Exhibition and the attendance figures there is not much to say! The organization is always excellent, a bit rigid (german), but surely efficient and focused on the visitors’ and workers’ needs . Numbers definitely describe it as the first and foremost...
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