Electric car

Electric cars: ready for camping?

Do we have everything? Sleeping bag? Gas stove? Pile? Anti mosquitos? Fans? Suited clothes for winter and summer? In a few words everything you need for a basic camping, we should have and use it at home if we will buy an electric car. You may thing that the hot had got on top of me but no, my friends, the engineers Roberto Barbiero, Ivan Maio and me are ready to sustain what may seem a paradox. If...

The electric car and the CO2 emission

The electric car and the CO2 emission
More and more the “world wide” politics promotes the development and production of electric cars, shown as a possibility, at least for the mobility, to reduce the pollution. Consequently, car manufacturers are working hard to offer electric vehicles, but I wonder: What certainties have we that electric cars really affect the overall CO2 reduction and what doubts have we still to solve? It is true...