Interview with Elena Cortesi, Global Brand Pillars Communication Manager in Ford Motor Company

Elena Cortesi a Francoforte
Date of interview: February, 26 2015 Professional profile: At Ford from 2000. She has worked as Area Manager, Dealer Manager and Fleet manager, used cars and CV. Subsequently, as PR director in Italy, Elena has developed a social media strategy involving bloggers and community, becoming a benchmark in the sector. On February 2012, she assumed the position of Director, Earned and Social Media, Ford...

The list of the most read posts of 2014 of Automotive Space

Post letti nel 2014
It seems that during these Christmas Holidays, and for the end of 2014, the most popular blogs,– not belonging to an editorial group, used to do a roundup on the best posts published in the last year. I want to practice this custom as well, and in order to be impartial during my choice, I commit it to St. Google (Analytics) so that it will choose the 10 most read posts, regardless of the date of publication,...

Interview with Prof. Ivan Maio (Politecnico di Torino – Italy)

Ivan A. Maio
Date of interview: September, 26 2014 Professional profile: Ivan Maio is Professor of Electrical Engineering at the department of Electronics and telecommunications at the Polytechnic of Turin. He conducts research in the areas of circuit theory, signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility. Always passionate about sports cars. The international scenario about the car fleet foresees an exponential...

Interview with Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO – Mopar® – 2^nd part

…from the first part! May I ask a more generic question? What professional differences are there, for a person in your position, between working in Turin and working in Detroit? Both Turin and Detroit have a strong, proud automotive heritage. While both have gone through tough times, both continue to maintain a vivid passion for cars. From a professional standpoint, I feel at home in both places. When...

Interview with Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO – Mopar® – 1^st part

Date of the interview: March, 26 2013 Professional Profile: Pietro Gorlier was born in Turin (Italy), he joined the Fiat Group in 1989 as a market analyst in Iveco helding various positions in logistics, in the After Sales and Customer Care, before joining Fiat Group Automobiles in 2006. After the experience in FGA and in CNH Global N.V., he joined Chrysler Group. He is President and CEO of MOPAR®...

Interview to Daniele Maver, President of Jaguar and Land Rover Italy.

Interview Date: 18th February 2012. Professional Profile: Daniele Maver The Italian Market keep falling, while the Worlwide one keep growing. Over 2011, the Italian Light Passengers Market (Cars + Light Commercial Vehicles) scored 2.5% in the world (being 3.7% in 2008). Did any changes occur against our Market while being approached by OEM? Are you aware of any deadline in the Chinese Calendar? Really?...
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