Young people are not interested in the car!

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Beyond the wall © Giuseppe Bognanni

I was one of the first to broadcast the news that from the Far East and the USA worrying signals about the wants of the new generations were coming. Here I absolutely don’t want to deny the news, but I want to clarify some aspects which, to me, are taking a turn for the worst.

Let’s clarify that the answer you are trying to give is originated from superficiality, lack of analysis and knowledge of social dynamics!

It’s on everyone’s lips and it looks like a torment, “young people are not more interested in the car“, but no one wonders why this is happened. A few care why, the reason doesn’t get income!

Let’s talk to adolescents… through some Social Network we sometimes talk to DJs, to Guru (self-described), or better Gura… some models, fashion influencer, ex sport players, and in particular some New Social Media Marketing Manager Influencer Communicator (who knows as less as possible about automotive.. so he doesn’t break), we organize events (whose names are horrible) so our rules are played….. if the market doesn’t understand, the problem won’t concern the organizer!

The Guru/influencer on call who created the event (but about what? What did he do one year ago?), just because he had organized it, have already done its job (well paid).

It would be better, however, to analyze some Macro data and then also some national (italian) information.

The 12.6% (2013) of young people in the world haven’t a job and it is expected to become 12.8% in 2018.
It means 73.4 million of young people. Want to see that it is ALSO an economic aspect and the DJ on call can’t do anything?

I would add that the Middle East and North Africa have the worst data (over 20%) while Asia, which has just 9% of unemployment, will be the “paradise” for new generations.
According to these data we can say that the young people aren’t interested in the car because they can’t afford it, and this is unquestionable considering that from 2007 to now people seeking employment are increased by 5% (3.5 million). But I would be superficial, as people described at the beginning of the post, if I stopped here. (International Labour Organization data)

To me, you should reflect on these 3 points:

  1. The difference in the ability to purchase/maintenance between a technological asset and a car;
  2. The cultural difference of young people in emerging countries;
  3. The need to “unmotorize” most of the “evolved” countries.

The point 1. and 3. don’t deserve insights, in this context, but the point 2. seems to be forgotten by everybody; perhaps because it is the most difficult way?
Let’s say once and for all: young people of emerging countries don’t have a rooted car culture and, in some cases, they are the first generation to be confronted with the need to have a car of their own.


Outsider © Zingaro. I am a gipsy too.

We’ll take a further step…. Let’s descend into the Italian hell.
The 38.4% of young people (46.9% in the South) don’t work, the other 60% in many cases (over 40%) are in precarious work (Centro studi Datagiovani data).

It means that more than 60% of young people don’t have access to credit in order to buy a car and what many HQ do?
The exclusive event with VIPs and guests with their sparkling clothes of hundreds euros… I hope it is done to encourage the emulation instinct and not the identification one because without money you don’t identify and start losing interest!

Here you are the last data to think about!
The Italians have zero growth or negative one; who grow up are the not-Italians. “They” are and will be the predominant part of the youth demand, whether you like it or not we must compare with them… and not with paillettes and spangles of glittering parties which don’t belong to the “normal” world!

Translated by Federica Izzo

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