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I am very proud that Ricardo Olivera, from Lisboa, has selected Automotive Space to advert his World Shopper Conference. You can see the banner created for WCS2012.
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Below, there are some words written by Ricardo exclusively for Automotive Space’s readers:

Since 2009, I lead a unique and global project to improve car business sustainability. An out-of-the-box strategy to answer to the lack of Customers and resources in competitive markets. Our team is composed by Automotive Mystery Shopping specialists, with 20 years of experience in this specific field, and a group of high skilled branding professionals.

We travel all-year worldwide, studying automotive Customer experience, participating in several automotive events and searching for everything that is new in car business. At the same time we do intensive desk research looking for creative ideas and we participate daily in international discussion forums about car business.

Every year we join forward thinking automotive professionals to present them new strategies and tools, always based on a Customer-centric and creative attitude. We call these creativity labs for automotive professionals, the World Shopper Conference.

In 2012, the third edition of this event, will aim for new paths and encourage the use of new tools that are adapted to this challenging context where we all must do much more with fewer resources.

We will have a Global Head of an OEM presenting new retail strategies, an ex-Dealer with worldwide experience explaining how will it be possible to build a new car business model that considers Dealerships needs, Google presenting its tools to automotive and a study about automotive Customers’ behaviour in internet and, finally, a World Shopper presentation about specific techniques to improve automotive professional’s presence in LinkedIn and Facebook. In the end we will have a panel with a Brazilian specialist that will present its remarkable experience, improving used car sales through digital tools.

If you want more motivation to fight for a sustainable car business, more tools to build a better future and if you want to energize your team, you should attend to the World Shopper Conference 2012, in May the 11th, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Ricardo Oliveira

If you go to Lisboa, can you give us your feedback? Additionally, can you write an article about your portuguese event experience?


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