Turin International Meeting for the 50th Anniversary Alfa Romeo Duetto

Alfa Romeo Duetto

Foto esclusive Automotive Space – Alfa Romeo Duetto

The 50 years of style icon, the famous Alfa Romeo Duetto, were celebrated at the Turin International Meeting, the second national meeting of 2016, held on the 10th and 11th of September.

In particular, on Sunday 11th, the legendary and famous Duetto were exposed as “Queens” in front of the entrance of the gardens of the Stupinigi Castle; summer residence of t

he Savoy.

About 50 Duettos of all ages and with different liveries could be seen in this exceptional car park, in the charming setting of the eighteenth-century residence by Juvarra.

The most frequent color was definitely the famous Red Alfa Romeo, followed by several yellow cars; even less common colors, such as blue, white and green English, were part of the grand exhibition.

The positioning in front of the majestic entrance gate of the Stupinigi Palace was particularly striking: where once the coaches arrived, three beautiful duet, one “Targa Oro ASI”, whose colors recalled the italian flag.

Alfa Romeo Duetto

Foto esclusive Automotive Space – Alfa Romeo Duetto

After visiting the magnificent Palazzina di Stupinigi, we waited and recorded (as you can see from the video) that all along the magnificent duet, on parade, reached their final destination, on Sunday at lunchtime, at the end of these two days of celebration.

The route was very exciting along with all 50 cars in single file which were hailed by the horns of other cars or bypassing cyclists who did not expect to be on their way.

A car that is an icon, a legend, one of the models that embodies the Alfa Romeo style.

Alfa Romeo Duetto - Stupinigi - Torino

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