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Peugeot Onyx

Mondial de Paris 2012 -Press Days- Peugeot Onyx © christian.parreira

Sometimes, you just do not close those annoying spots, imposed and uninteresting, that show up before the video you have decided to watch on You Tube begins.

Sometimes what you do not close is not a commercial but something else, simply amazing. Allow me to introduce to you “Peugeot Motion&Emotion”: style , technology, fashion new claim and innovative commercials. Well, they are more short movies dedicated to the new models. Amazing: even the old fashioned car industry instead of trying to sell you the newest car in town are creating fascination and wonder.

Peugeot charms you with Onyx. Everything is dressed with a new, biting style. What does not start your favorite video is a mysterious object known only but the most passionate: a concept car.

No, this is not a commercial. It does not matter how much you care about Peugeot, if you are pondering to buy a new car, or if you are a dedicated biker. You have to stop what you are doing, focus your attention, and taste with all your senses the breath-taking movie on a fabulous concept car.

The prototype is interesting in and on itself. Lightweight, packed with power, impressive shape, innovative materials. The cabin is made of boiled wool fabric, the dashboard is composed by shape changing modules made of compressed, recycled paper, in the middle of the dashboard, crystal glitters.


There is more. The bodywork couples classic carbon fiber and it changes over time because of the copper color changes due to oxidation.

The beast is created from earth and fire, it dominates the elements and shapes itself on them. Liquid particles and metals interplayed to form its carbon soul, and its mindboggling shiny skin when it emerges from a lava lake… Wow!

The claim is perfect: “Motion&Emotion”. Peugeot really creates and donates emotions.

There are good perfumes that attempt to recall emotions linked to the essence. And there is Chanel,  and perfume becomes  magic. Peugeot with its Onyx has offered in the automotive what Chanel does since ever: an epical experience. Unforgettable.

Peugeot believes in what it does. It has a story, a very good story to tell. The final result is even better than Chanel’s one. After all, a perfume makes you daydream on what may never happen. Onyx make you dream on a present, possible future.

One does not be Ferrari to promise a charming, attractive status symbol

If one has a good concept, a bunch of good ideas, lots of competence and abilities, one can make it real.

In nowadays competitive jungle, the Peugeot Lion does not sleep at night…

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