Total Ecology: Am I dreaming or am I serious?

Arcona 380 Z

Shipyards, which manufacture super fast and super motorized boats, advertise ecological solutions and environmental protection often unlikely.

As it happens in the Automotive sector, also in yachting it is hard to find real alternatives in terms of consumptions and pollution and often the solutions adopted – see the electric motor – for now remain debatable because of efficacy and confined to marginal numbers.

And therefore it is of particular interest what is taking place in Scandinavia where a Shipyard manufacturer sailboats has developed a range of models to Zero environmental impact.

Enough with the easy irony; if the sailboat doesn’t pollute like a motoryacht, it still has an auxiliary motor, batteries to be recharged and energy for the service to be produced.

So there is work and, actually, it is more difficult to achieve!
It is much easier declare a consumption of less 20% on an 800hp engine, omitting the rest… than doing a detailed work on the environmental protection of a sailboat!

The job done by Arcona Yachts, historical Swedish Shipyards -known to fans for the accuracy of its productive levels- wasn’t limited to the replacement of the usual auxiliary diesel engine with an electric one, but has intervened with a substantial redesign of the boats, involving the most advanced companies operating in the area of environmental sustainability.

Mast and boom have extras with solar panels capable of recovering energy, thus ensuring the energetic autonomy required to the needs of electronic parts and heating (at those latitudes not in Greece).

The same sails, in addition to ensuring the propulsion to the boat, become a source of energy supply due to the cells of the French Powersail.
The only mainsails is able to produce the necessary energy to the onboard electronics thanks to solar cell films integrated in the structure.
The cells, which produce energy even if they don’t receive the solar light directly, are capable to provide 1 kWh of solar energy on an average sunny day.

MG 9191
The total solar energy produced in one day is more than 2 kWh, usable by the Oceanvolt engine and able to move continuously the powered boat to 4 knots in absence of the sea.

Oceanvolt, Finnish manufacturer of electric motors, which has a considerable experience on electric motors for boats, especially catamarans, has produced a new engine.
Coupled to saildrive transmission, the system produces power even with the engine off during the sailboat navigation. The propeller, coupled to an hydrogenator, produces energy that directly provide to recharge the batteries.

The range Arcona Zero Emission is also characterized by the absence of the use of toxic paints and products: the traditional polluting paints used for the protection of the hull from algae and “barnacles” are replaced by a new system of protection activated by ultrasound (Soniq Shield).

The range of Zero Emission by Arcona Yachts is going to be commercialized from the spring of this year at a price by 20% higher than that of the traditional versions.
Arcona 380 Z was awarded as “Boat of the Show” during the last Helsinky Show in February although in Italy the news is passed over silence or almost.

Translated by Federica Izzo

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