The customers will enjoy every comfort, but the Dealers?

Customers of Chevrolet

The Chevrolet has officially announced the abandonment of the European market at the end of 2015.

The decision, which was declared at the beginning by the American headquarter, has been confirmed as irrevocable by the same top management GME. The Chevrolet won’t officially take part anymore both in the Western and in the Eastern Europe because of the high competitive business model and the severe economic crisis which still affects the European market. Russia and the Independent States of the former Commonwealth will be the only exception to this.

From the 2016, the GME will attend this market only with the German brand Opel, while the English one will be attend by the national historical  Vauxhall. However the most prestigious brand of the group such as Corvette and Cadillac will remain. In particular important improving projects are expected to Cadillac both for the gamma and the distribution network.

Certainly it is a strategic marketing choice to improve and boost  the Opel brand, historically well-established in Europe, and in straits in years despite different painful attempts to reset the ancient splendor! (Chronicle of an announced failure: Opel!)

The top  brass of the brand, obviously, has cared about reassuring, through the main press service, the “public opinion”  or better their customers: “ …They can be quiet- as declared by Chevrolet Europe- that we will keep on ensuring the Guarantee, spare parts and technical services both for their Chevrolet and the new ones bought from now to the end of 2015.

The though comes back spontaneously to another “abandonment” already commented on this blog, Daihatsu leaves Europe.

Even if the aim declared by the article will be Customers, the official Networks of the brand consider the message clearly!

In both the situation, it is a matter of satellite companies concerning more important brands, respectively of Toyota and General Motors. If, according to the customer, the situation can appear (almost) relaxing, on the contrary, according to the network components, it seems an alarm signal: “What happens now?”

As well as reassurances to customers about the Customer care continuity and, especially about the Guarantee, are put in evidence by …loving sentences as: “”We love you, we won’t leave you!”

Chevrolet Camaro coupe (MY2014)

Unavoidably the same custom  worries about the future relationships with his common speaker, from the Dealer to the mechanicals. In a little while he will wonder: “But my car will decline value if I exchange it or it has already declined his value?” Without counting that some customers  have already retraced their steps  canceling the contract, signed few days ago.

Let’s foresee the different situations that will involve the Network, Dealers and Repairers, according the different prospects which could occur.  This is, in fact, the right occasion to let the Dealer Development Department  revises and improves the presence in the territory.

For the Dealer multi Brand Group (almost all) the forcasts could be calm and continuous ; thanks to this It will be able to concentrate customer’s needs to other brands.
If the Dealer, or the former Dealer (now at second level)  is one of the rare Mono Brand (other marginal Brands!) or in  difficult because of the low performance and financial straits with consequential  troubles with the Head Office, the situation will change immediately and, for instance, starting tomorrow the bank will start changing attitude as well. …

The (only) Official Repairer believes that it may be more comfortable. It is the only one who will be saved and this suits also to the Head Office in the early years who will face different troubles ensuring the legal assistance even  without  the sales network.

Maybe it has more time to see how it will end. Eventually and fortunately…there will be always the NEW BER!

Translated by Federica Izzo

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