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Women in limousine — Image by © Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Corbis

This is the MINI we want! This is the Fiesta we want! This is…

This is the latest Fiat commercial. It could have been authored by Silvio B. himself. It would have been perfect for the Italy we experienced until a couple of weeks ago.  Too bad that it has been broadcasted just a little too late. Now everything is different. Well, may be this is a kind of wishful thinking. Anyway, the Fiat Group has started a set of communication actions that make one ponder. After the infamous “Luxury is a Right” (Lancia), assertion based on the experimental fact that “all restaurants are fully booked”, now the Fiat Group talks with the young people slang.
Therefore, what better than a visual melting pot filled with chunks of typical American serials with young people dancing, sort of, lifting legs, and wearing miniskirts?

What could be better than pulling the world star J. Lopez being out of a car, -Fiat obviously- so that she can sing and dance –sort of- a world hit foreign tune? This is really cool, young stuff…

Well, it seems to me that the brilliant, quite aged managers, responsible for marketing, and communication in general, in the automotive sector in particular, should delegate their juniors the decisions related to the youngsters.

They, the seniors, can only imitate, in a rather offensive, stereotyped way, what they perceive being young, proposing something that has very little in common with the real world.

I would greatly appreciate if Fiat, in order to attract the young public, would present a convincing set of values to share with them. Values in which Fiat believes.

Their car will not be appealing without a strong brand identity, without a coherent image, without values.

Young or not, if the brand does not become a trustful “person”, coherent, convincing, well, then maybe the neighbor Fiesta is much better!

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  1. Nicola Barozzi says:

    FIAT bought a space for this commercial during Superbowl to show this video…

  2. Matteo Ceronetti says:

    AHAHAHAH…here you are then…good advert given about Italy’s image! Full of dancers and acrobats…indeed!

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