There is newness and newness: but what if we were talking about technology and contents?

tecnica e contenuti

SUPERCAR! by V&A Steamworks © V&A Steamworks

«That’s nice, a new model of car!»

Given that the time is far distant from those in which a new four-wheels product aroused emotions, today one wonders what the industry intends for “new product”. The innovation has evolved over the years through really useful devices, from ABS to the Common-Rail, from ESP to robotized gearboxes. In short, real progress in the field of technology that have significantly improved the cars.

Sad to remember the past and compare it with the concept of today’s newness. Said that the alternative systems such as hybrid and electric are welcome – especially the first – it is also true that it is expanding too slowly downward. The pioneers are the Japanese brands, everything else does not exist. Do you want a subcompact hybrid car? If it is not Yaris will be a Jazz. Stop!

Needless to dwell instead on the electric chimera, simply immature and not very convenient as technology. Batteries are too expensive, so as to bring Audi to put in the drawer all proposed small-series production of the supercar R8 e-Tron: limited autonomy, strongly bound by the driving style, make the models enthusiastically announced from the companies real traveling laboratories.

Will Formula 1 and research on batteries help for a rapid progress also on the standard cars? (from next year will double the energy recovery systems, e.n.) We’ll see.

Il like button è morto (lo dice Facebook)

Il like button è morto (lo dice Facebook) ©

Meanwhile, the reality lives of press releases announcing loudly the new model “X” strictly hi-tech! But that means hi-tech? It means being able to share thoughts and photos on Facebook, tweet, watch a movie, integrate smartphones and car? If you allow, the rise of infotainment is a weapon of mass distraction. Is not this what should be at the center of the car’s world.

Return to talk about contents, this should be communication in the automotive world. And even when they are under the nose, too often are sacrificed for the benefit of the last technological gem that relates to the high-definition display or the last popular app.

An example? Finding a new modular platform able to considerably lighten a product. But what? The communication focus on the “fun” aspect: the two large touchscreens (are we sure these devices are user friendly considering that the driver is forced to look away from the road?). There were times when we bought the mobile navigation system which could be moved among the different cars, on board multimedia had good equipment and there was the possibility to watch the movies as well: an acceptable balance.

It is no longer the case, because filling the interior with various sundries does not add real value to the car; if anything, helps those who must effectively communicate the new model, focusing on keywords that become an absolute imperative, social networking on all.

Well but we are definitely far from the primary function of car: mobility tool or pure passion that you desire!

(Translated by Raffaele Vincenti)

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