The possible evolution: from workshop to the web


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Car dealerships today are one of the few economic realities which haven’t totally understood the Web potential, as well as the social networks one, for their own development in sales and customer management.

At least 50% of dealerships uses the same car manufacturer websites with only few adjustments.

We often see websites which:

  • Don’t provide any dialog box for customers;
  • Don’t allow to check the stock availability of new vehicles;
  • Don’t allow the access to the stock for used vehicles;
  • Don’t have links to the most common social medias or, if there are, aren’t updated since time.

Those who will be able to develop a Web based project, which can involve every sector of the dealership Ð from the sale of new and used cars to the after sale and the customer management in real time – will “beat” their competitor and obtain a competitive advantage.

If you now want to manage customers in an efficient way, it’s necessary to switch to the vision of the “before” rather than the “after“; trying to anticipate problems, offering a potential solution in real time which brings to customers Loyalty.

Monitoring needs at the beginning and offering the best solution “tailor made“, created on the specific needs of everyone, is the only way to have an active managerial behaviour.

To do this, however, it’s necessary a radical change in the way we see a car dealership activity, from a largely passive business in which you wait for the occurrence of an event to an active management.


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This can only happen through a deep knowledge of your customer pool; an analysis on customers big data, which allows you to reasonably predict future requests and anticipate them with aimed and “custom tailored” proposals.

Change, so, from a mass market with general and out-of-context offers to more aimed proposals for the single customer needs; either for Premium customers or normal ones.
That policy which said “we used to do it so” has expired now, market and customers have radically changed since 80/90’s!

Those who won’t understand it will close the business and only who has foresight and audacity to invest in technology, in the Industry 4.0 and in the after sale policy will survive; even if, on a first sight, they don’t seem to be exploitable fields to invest on.

One of the greater Hockey player, Wayne Gretzky, used to say: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been“, which means we need to be always driven through the future and the possibilities it can offer us.

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