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Also this year we like to publish the list of most read posts of Automotive Space. You can see there are more differences from the last post on the most read posts in 2015.

For this reason we can confirm that Automotive Space doesn’t aim the last news.

Unfortunately from one year we are publishing a fewer number of post because we haven’t abroad correspondents…be patient; we are working to solve it.

If you could help us to have on insight international automotive field…please, feel free to contact us.

In while you’ll contact us 🙂 this is the list of the 10 most read posts in 2016!

The 10 most read posts, in 2016, of Automotive Space

  1. Mercedes-Benz and the ‘OM651 case’; (7 Comments)
    This new motor has expressed several failures causing repeated breakdown of the cars. What happened at the Mercedes-Benz Customer Service?
  2. New SUV Alfa Romeo Stelvio; (1 Comment)
    Spy Shots and Esclusive Video of New SUV Alfa Romeo Stelvio.
  3. The electric car and the CO2 emission; (0 Comments)
    With the support of Eng. Barbiero Roberto and Eng. Ivan Maio, I would like to explore some of the topics about electric car, starting from the famous CO2.
  4. Alfa Romeo vs BMW?; (3 Comments)
    When Alfa Romeo was a brand desired by many customers, Auto Motor und Sport compared the BMW 520i and the Alfetta 1.8. A great challenge!
    First photos of the SUV Maserati Levante seen in Turin, in Feb 2015 with upgrade in Nov 2015.
  6. 50 years ago, the project which motorized Russia; (0 Comments)
    An important rule had, in the history of the automotive, the agreement that Fiat signed with Russia; exactly 50 years ago!
  7. Sailing by sea or living on the sea? The debut of Overblue, the crossover; (0 Comments)
    The debut of Overblue: a new way to go to sea.
  8. Automotive factories, back to the roots?; (0 Comments)
    The car of the future could be a return to basics; the existing brands will produce only the shell while the heart will be Apple or Microsoft?
  9. The “Tipo” family: hatchback & estate spy-shots; (0 Comments)
    Fiat Tipo Hatchback & Estate on the roads around Turin.
  10. Dieselgate: the ends justify the means?; (0 Comments)
    Objectives, results, standards and performance. Are we sure that the ancient motto “the ends justify the means” is achievable?

Among these ten posts, was someone useful in some way?

Oh, I forgot …. HAPPY 2017!

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