The electric innovation: the voice of distrust


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After the article on the test of Tesla Roadster: “Tesla Roadester: the electrical solution!” the criticisms forwarded privately surpassed public.

Comments are welcome in any case because are made politely and with arguments of value that help us to better assess the facts.

Before going on I state that what I wrote about the test is exactly what I think, without any kind of conditioning.

The limited volumes of this model that for some people would not justify all this attention, do not go towards the reduction of the production costs and, at the same price, you can buy cars with higher-level with superior quality and refined design. And all this for a car that would not allow a motorist to make a trip from Rome to Porto Ercole (160 km – 100 miles) and return home the same day.

On the basis of all these issues why one would have to spend so much money to buy the Roadster if at the same price you can buy a blazoned sport car?

Before giving an answer I reaffirm my conviction: to create a successful car there is no need of a big company but of a great company!

Experience in R&D at the beginning of my career has led me to perceive what are the intangible ingredients to create something innovative. I believe it is not essential to have a blazoned brand to create a  good car and Tesla has proved it. It  is clear that the Roadster has a considerable cost but it’s the price of a product unique in its kind aimed at a narrower niche segment than that, for example, of the BMW 6 Series Convertible. I’d like to see the purchase price of a model counterpart (such as the electrical Porsche Boxter “A Berlino di scena le Porsche elettriche” if the market).
The Audi Etron seems that will have a price of 160 K €!

The new Tesla Model S will be sold at a cheaper price (about 50000 $) thanks to the superior economies of scale.

I think a factory like Tesla can make with the time refined products (the Roadster is the first marketed car) that can compete with the best cars on the market and can align their know-how with the best (without spending a century ) if they continue to work methodically and with passion.

At the same time, Porsche, Audi or Ferrari, despite the undoubted know how, cannot afford to cradle on their blazons. If they do not innovate products they risk of losing prestige and importance and also the  customers who would migrate toward other brands that offer more appealing vehicles.

As Enzo Ferrari said in one of the famous (and rare) interviews – with Oscar Orefici – the secret of the success of Ferrari is passion and innovation practiced with continuity.

I think we cannot compare the Roadster to a car like BMW 6 convertible for a mere equality of the price. They are two different products (and the economies of scale are different) and we shouldn’t be surprised if the second is a more refined product of a sports roadster with soft top. It is more appropriate to compare the Roadster to the electric Boxter (or the most sophisticated and expensive eTron): in this way it is possible to make a consistent comparison. In this case, is the gap on the know how still existing?

Then, regarding the journey from Rome to Porto Ercole I respond with the good sense of who looks ahead and does not critic innovations by definition. There is a European project called Green eMotion where real money was allocated (42 M €) to harmonize standards and create the recharging infrastructure.

Before long the Roman arriving in Porto Ercole with the electric car will recharge it on-site in a charging station while tastes his drink at the bar. Do not forget that electricity is much more widespread than gas pumps and is not necessary to put the world upside down to install charging stations. In the first phase of the project 10000 charging stations are scheduled in the major European cities (1000 in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga, about 400 in Rome and Pisa, 3600 in Berlin and 100 in Strasbourg) and the launch of their spread in other cities.

I invite those who have not yet done to see my presentation well: to understand the spirit of the innovators and the myopia of the conservatives demonstrated through a review of statements which today result that funny!

Raffaele Vincenti

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