The electric cars in EU in 2014: it was established their failure

Electric Cars

This “European” post is originated from some considerations after more years of incentives and more millions of euro thrown away because of the electric.

Here, for ex., are the italian data (this blog was born in Italy): 1,104 sales of EV cars, in 2014, of which 246 sold to private (UNRAE data).

Essentially in Italy the 0,08% of the auto market, in 2014, represents electric cars, while if you consider only the private it is the 0.018%.

Relative to 2013 we have +0.01% of EV sales and a percentage of the 2014, for privates, that is same as the 2013… that is a share of 0.018%.

From several data it came out that Italy is the Cinderella of Europe and that the data sale demonstrate our environmental insensitivity, the backwardness…. in a few words the same old story.

It’s a pity that, having a look at all the European data, it comes out a not so much “rosy” reality as someone had suggested.

But these notorious European data (ACEA, January 16,2015) what want to show?
Firstly that car registrations amounted to 12,550,707 units with a +5.6% compared to the 2013.

The four nations with more registrations are:

  • GERMANY 2,952,431 with +2.9%;
  • UNITED KINGDOM 2,264,737 with +9.3%
  • FRANCE 1,790,456 with +0.3%;
  • ITALY 1,304,648 with +4.2%.

Nevertheless the nation with the largest increase is Spain with a substantial +18.1%; confirming so the 5th place, thanks to the volume of registered vehicles, but with values below the million units.

I remember that in 2014, Spain used, for the third consecutive year, incentives to aim!

Not even 5 years ago, the futurists (ie presumed managers, professors, influencer, trainers, researches, etc etc) competed in predicting – for 2015- if the 5%, or the 6%, would been the market share of EV!!!
And instead?

In 2014 there were 75,331 (+36.6%) Total Electrically Charged Vehicles of which only 38,495 (+56.6%) Pure Electric!
So in 2014 the European market for electric cars is about 0.30%.

Certainly much more than 0.80% in Italy, but hearing that in Europe the electric has its own success because it has better infrastructures and advantageous policies…Well, it’s not a success the 0.30% but a failure if you only think that in recent years it has been allocated billion by the European Community for this.

Hummer HX Electric Car
If, on the contrary, someone wants to put the emphasis on the increasing percentage, I remember that, for instance, in Ireland there is been even a +3,500%; that is It changed from one car to 35 cars!
While Netherlands has a nice -50%, that means the change from 19,876 to 9,938 registered cars!!

Is there any difference?

Will we put a tombstone on it and begin to call the electric with its real name?

Is it conceivable that a technology, despite the billions of euros and dollars invested- including mine- is not accepted by markets?

Translated by Federica Izzo

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