The digital dealer isn’t a solution, rather it is a problem!

Digital Dealer

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The category of most-read post ever, on Automotive Space (IT), concerns the guarantee of compliance, or the legal; we refer to more than 50,000 consultations in just over four years.

A trend that increases with increasing sales of used cars; probably because the closer it approaches to second-hand market, the more people need information… or even because the more sales are high, the higher is the incidence that someone is entitled to legal guarantee.

The person who turns to this blog has the SAME identical problems:

  • The seller works for a known dealer;
  • The seller ( when he isn’t already a fugitive) refuses to acknowledge his obligation;
  • It is never released a compliance status;
  • The non-compliance comes out immediately after the delivery, however, before 6 months.

Let there be no mistakes about this, more often than not we are the last resort before a real legal action, and almost always we manage to help people who see their rights violated!

This post, however, wants to go further!

Most of these cases concern dealers well known both at macro-region and at national level (Italy).

They spend large sums of money on traditional media, with both direct advertisement and advertorial, and with the advent of new technologies they have filled their shows with high-tech monitor, online stock and new interactions locally or on the web.


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Eminent guru and new consulting firms are competing for more commissions in order to ferry them in the new digital world; others rewarded them for their social/web/digital turning with amusing events where they are recognize, by phantom automotive experts, as best digital dealer etc etc.

Their employees, or aspiring states, are competing on the web for their space to enhance and consolidate their credibility in the field and then vanish in a few years, or maybe less than years.

Fine, or rather it is not good… because all this activity, without any basis, not only doesn’t optimize any investment on the “WEB”, but it is highly damaging because counterproductive: it becomes an unstoppable boomerang.

A boomerang which doesn’t strike the consultant/seller on duty, but directly the dealer and sometimes the brand as well!

As my custom let’s go from the maximum system theory to practice.

There are automotive groups that are controlling the web in various ways, more or less shared, but there are.
They are sending a message, often delegating it to those who haven’t automotive competences, even more often to those who move from a sector to another amassing in just one month skills and curriculum… but that’s another story!
But… when the customer enters the car show, with a lot of information and expectations, he find, in the last mile, a different reality.

Partita IVA

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After a drastic restructuring, these Automotive Groups, have cleaned up their car show from salaried workers and put young of expectations, with regular VAT, encouraged in everything and specially in the individual sales.

They are essentially a foreign object to the system trying to survive thereby charging the “damage” to the last link in the chain… often unconsciously!

The story ends with the seller with VAT number who must hinder any kind of diminution of his bill, denying, in the first instance, any type of restoration of conformity. Finally the customer raises his voice and the young employee is replaced by an even more skilled and cheap worker.

In a few words, a war among poor… and in the meanwhile the dealer (not) “innocent” goes to conferences and wear the digital ribbon on the chest, who cares if its Commercial Director is destroying him the territory….after all there are the Lead Generation and the new sellers; however badly things go a failure, a division and a merger is not denied to anyone!

Translated by Federica Izzo

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