The After-Sales and the Digital, are we sure this is the right direction?


In the middle of Digital Revolution, did you think the Post-Sale had been saved?


After the slogan – far from having been stopped yet – that “if the dealers do not turn to digital are intended to die“, the new fashion 2017 is the “Digital”.

Forgive my irony, but if, by chance, you are not digital, be aware that you won’t be able to stay on the market …. those who are digital know how to fix cars, how to restore and transform them, they know how to do everything!

You, dealers, after 40 years, if you won’t convert to digital, you are not good … but above all you will close after unmentionable sacrifices and losses.


Photo by Alessio Maffeis

Let’s get serious again!

The fact that it is not conceivable, today in 2017, that a dealer doesn’t have a minimal digital presence, is reasonable. But that the digital revolution will immediately make a dealer handsome, clean, efficient and profitable…. Well this is a big nonsense.

The exact same message is going through the WorkShops/BodyShops and TireShops; the After Sales in general.

Let’s make a first distinction between the businesses, the classic village WorkShop, which wants to stay that way and the Post Sales centres that invest on larger territories and realities.

Let’s exclude the first ones … their digital choice is linked to their story … the like that context and donÕt aim to expand the business for several reasons, they will go on working as long as there will be a local market.


Photo by Metro Centric

All the other “Post Sale Centres and Services” will necessarily need to have a digital factor from the “simple” communication aspect to the possibility of an on-line booking, the preliminary estimate to the state of progress of the works … to the real commercial activity that, due to the digital, can go beyond the original Core Business.

But the Digital Revolution doesn’t end here!
It means even being linked live to several databases as well as equip the business with the latest-generation diagnostic tools … or even adopt solutions for Smart/Fast Repair or the First Assistance Point.


Photo by Luigi Rosa

All good aspects which will cost a bit but which will be aimed, at its best, to create even more problems if the companies have simple business processes instead of consolidated and structured ones.
Above all, for example, we must avoid thinking that:

  • your website, with the management for appointments online, can solve the empty spaces in the workshop;
  • Increasing the productivity of the business means increasing the incomes and not the profitability of the productions.

The digital change, for the Post Sales is a great opportunity to confirm their skills!

The concept is simple: “if I have a good company I can turn to any type of ‘digital’, which will be my fly-wheel“.

On the contrary if I have weaknesses, the Digital will do nothing but highlight them.

If, for example, my Salesperson (receptionist) doesn’t talk to customers at the delivery of the car, he will lose the opportunity that the Lead Generation is providing him … disappointing the expectations of the new customer.

Do you think the Post Sales can only evolve with a digital turn or that it needs consolidated fundamental basis for a business like that?

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