Jaguar: new models and engines

Jaguar XE
Jaguar officially announced the upcoming arrival of the XE, the new “middle” model that is going to fight against the premium models for excellence, like the German BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4. The car will be the heir of the unlucky X -Type, which production was deleted in 2009 and never had as successful as hoped. The market debut is awaited in the late 2014. The XE has...

Fiat World: Anno Domini 2013

Fiat in the world
Let me spend a few words about “the news” which ends the 2013 – the strategic importance of the acquisition by Fiat of the entire Chrysler block of shares. Marchionne will launch soon, no later than May, the new plane of release for the the Group with the timetable of presentation of new models, at least, as well as the list of establishments involved. Meanwhile you can already hear voices alluding...

What Dealers can learn from JFK?

As well as fishing in Italy is miserably in bankruptcy due to a wrong management of the sea – which allowed exploitation of resources beyond the limit – so now someone would like to follow the same exploitation of the “vast automotive’s sea” by continuing to preserve entire species of fishermen thanks to artifices such as bonus, contributions and Government incentives. The...

FADA calls NADA for a worldwide car Dealers Association

  FADA – Federation of Indian Dealers Associations – in concomitance with the New Delhi Auto Expo, organized Auto Summit, the convention dedicated to the Indian dealers of cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, three wheelers, four wheelers, buses and bicycles. Yes, even bicycles. What’s so funny? I met a dealer who sells in Delhi – with great revenues –...
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