Mclaren says goodbye to wipers?

From the Fantozzi’s Bianchina car to the world rally, the wiper blades are one of the few components common to every car. Thinking to do without them? Madness! The more daring are the rally drivers, capable of striving with lucky systems if necessary: two laces and little else to operate them manually when the electronics abandon them. Perhaps the future holds a more refined technology to be able...

Hybrid-Air PSA, the other face of the hybrid car

It won’t be the compressed air car but it is the closer step to the utopia that it’s possible today. We used to think about hybrid as the union between heat engine and the electrical one but in the following years “not so far according to the road map written by PSA” we could extend the concept, replacing the electrical component with the air. Avoiding any mistakes, we talk...

In search of the lost platform (as long as cross-segment)

Watchword: share. It matters little that if we are talking about social networks or platforms. The first is the reality of the moment, the other a necessity for the cars manufacturer, searching for the magical tool that allows to churn out new models in bursts, while maintaining a unique structure, from the city car to the SUV. If the concept of shared platform applies to similar segments, for which...