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Interview with Elena Cortesi, Global Brand Pillars Communication Manager in Ford Motor Company

Elena Cortesi a Francoforte
Date of interview: February, 26 2015 Professional profile: At Ford from 2000. She has worked as Area Manager, Dealer Manager and Fleet manager, used cars and CV. Subsequently, as PR director in Italy, Elena has developed a social media strategy involving bloggers and community, becoming a benchmark in the sector. On February 2012, she assumed the position of Director, Earned and Social Media, Ford...

Interview with Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW Italy – 1^st Part

Sergio Solero
Interview Date: July 31, 2012 Professional Profile: Sergio Solero Notes: Interview by Pietro Montagna Among its many commitments, in Italy and abroad, we were able to reach Dr. Sergio Solero, Sales Director of BMW and Mini cars in Italy. The replies received worth the long wait, thanks to the right perception of the spirit of our blog by Dr. Solero. Starting from this premise we wish you a good reading...
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