9th survey by AS. EV car registrations are still very low, why?

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EV car registrations are still very low, why? 91 votes: Is the Automotive Professional tired because of the warm? A topic that has been already dealt with … or is it uninteresting? Who knows! But the fact remains that the votes, deliberately collected among a large set of selections in order to have opinions and ideas from different points of view, finally can be categorized only in 3 thematic...

Automotive, August 2011: STOP spitting out such nonsense!

Italian Market, August 2011: of the 70.307 total vehicles registered, more than 42% (29.929) have been matriculated during the last… 3 days of the month. From January 1st more than the 35% of the italian total registrations were developed in the last 72 hours of each month! Let us understand this strange phenomenon. Some manufacturers contacted to give an explanation for this strange phenomenon,...