Why does PSA want to buy OPEL and VAUXHALL?

Why does PSA want to buy OPEL and VAUXHALL? A truly intriguing question for the experts, because none of these, except of course ones PSA, are able to answer. And this because it lacks any economic or industrial or commercial evidence of where the winning secret of the takeover. Opel has not exactly a story of success for the last years, and this it was emphasized by Harald Hendrikse of the Morgan...

Global cars sales outlook – March 2012

March 2012
“2012 started full of uncertain for OEMs in the automotive industry” this was how I started my article last month. At that time reports on January Chinese market performance were not yet available and when they arrived, with an incredible 26% lost year on year, Car OEMs Top Executives become really nervous. Chinese data were affected by the Chinese New Year falls, with fewer working days, but nobody...