The car and the boat: who chooses and who decides

I take a cue from Elena Alberti’s interview, CFO of Penske Europe, in particular the paragraph where is dealt with the subject of decision maker in the car purchasing. Alberti declares that notwithstanding the 42% of purchasing is, in fact, made by women, it is still the family man who makes choices. To support the thesis, she tells also her own story, indeed she chooses color and model of the car...

Dealers: welcome to interesting times!

The car market trend is positive in the World: in 2012 the enrollment grew by 5.7%. Not in Italy, where dealers falls in the middle ages and develop the numbers of 1979, when there were the Fiat 127, the Alfetta and the VW Golf’s first series, inflation was 24% and “Car and Driver” was at 1,25 US $! To comment this data, some authoritative representatives of the carmakers and three of the...

Italy: whilst Penske is arriving, Marchione is… departing?

With trumpets and drums Mr. Rob Kurnick announces the landing of the Penske Group into the land of Fiat: “In Italy the economy is recovering and there are opportunities to grab!” A few days ago the associations of Dealers and Manufacturers – Federauto and Unrae – had spoken a “bit differently” regarding the dramatic situation of all those spitting blood in the italian...
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