Customer Satisfaction? Fix It Again Tony!

Fix It Again Tony!
  American clients have a clear fixed concept in their minds: “I-pay-so-I-demand”; to make even more clear this idea, in US customers are called consumers. In the Old Continent we know that American consumers are very demanding in terms of quality of products and services: they have exported Customer Satisfaction worldwide. Even in bars and fast-food – also with a bill of 5$ or...

XXI Congresso Fenabrave. Fiat: novo Uno or nuova Panda?

Panda Brasile
Everything has changed! In 2011, 370,000 Portuguese has ‘landed’ in Brazil and thousands of Spaniards have ‘invaded’ Argentina. With so many hopes and their workforce. The eighteenth century’s scenarios in black and white of Ellis Island and the migration to South America after the IIWW are unexpectedly reproduced. Brazil, land of promise for the automotive (not only)....