Lead generation

The After-Sales and the Digital, are we sure this is the right direction?

In the middle of Digital Revolution, did you think the Post-Sale had been saved? Wrong! After the slogan – far from having been stopped yet – that “if the dealers do not turn to digital are intended to die“, the new fashion 2017 is the “Digital”. Forgive my irony, but if, by chance, you are not digital, be aware that you won’t be able to stay on the market...

Lead generation and CRM: Is it sure they are always essential?

Every year millions of euros are spent, both centrally and as a dealer, to generate leads. Another million euros are used for CRM actions to acquire customers. But what is the generation of “lead” and the CRM? The lead generation “…a marketing action which allows to create a list of possible customers interested in products or services offered by a company.” Whereas for...