Fiat Group Automobile

Relaunching Alfa Romeo: A bit of Ferrari in the future

While the spotlight around the world are focused on the latest models of the Detroit Motor Show, in Italy still echoes the words of Sergio Marchionne and John Elkann pronounced during the press conference about the Group, the results achieved and the perspectrives for the future. In fact the merger and the IPO were discussed, as well as the ” new headquarter issue”, dealt with after the...

Fiat 500L a design approach

As bloggers we were invited to the presentation of the new Fiat 500L, the small MPV from the Turin company that will replace the “Idea” by the end of the year. We don’t want to talk about the product, even though it deserves to be discussed, since the specialized magazines will do so as soon as the first models hit the road. Instead, we want to talk about the atmosphere, sensations...


Being extremely lucky to have the world available as being my office, I am often in contact with several Automotive Characters. During our enjoyable social dinners some interesting news and curiosities about business developments and challenging strategies of the several OEM Corporations emerge. Particularly I am getting quite fascinated by Fiat Group Automobile Strategy or, better, the way...