The possible evolution: from workshop to the web

Car dealerships today are one of the few economic realities which haven’t totally understood the Web potential, as well as the social networks one, for their own development in sales and customer management. At least 50% of dealerships uses the same car manufacturer websites with only few adjustments. We often see websites which: Don’t provide any dialog box for customers; Don’t...

Digital Automotive: if you are too far ahead, you may risk to burn yourself

The future is in the digital, actually, it is the present; if your company isnÕt ready to ride the wave of the Digital automotive you are the dinosaur that is disappearing! Now this is a mantra repeated endlessly to the point that someone wonders: “could it be real what they go on telling us in every meeting?” Good question … but maybe not! Only because “everybody” says...

Amazon, books and cars

  I’ve always been interested in the possible and future developments of our field. A hobby more and more challenging, daily and multidisciplinary, because the new technologies have increased so muchthe evolution in each field. Few days ago I was impressed by one of the Amazon “future project”. As you well know, Inc. is an American e-commerce company based in Seattle, USA. It...