World Shopper Conference 2012

  I am very proud that Ricardo Olivera, from Lisboa, has selected Automotive Space to advert his World Shopper Conference. You can see the banner created for WCS2012. Click on the header to subscribe, or on this link. Below, there are some words written by Ricardo exclusively for Automotive Space’s readers: “Since 2009, I lead a unique and global project to improve car business...

“Inflated” spare parts prices an anomaly only in Italy?

Spare parts
Very often, auto parts wholesalers buy from the manufacturers (even from notable brands) at discounts that in some cases, due to bonuses and incentives, reach 70/80%. In the supply chain there are two other steps, the parts dealer and the mechanic, before reaching the final customer. The three steps are required since the vast majority of service centers are small establishments that cannot keep large...

VOLKSWAGEN & VOLKSWAGEN…no customers’ land?

The prestigious Wolfsburg Automotive Group has in the recent year shown a clear sign of market growth in selling his robust and reliable vehicles around the world across its several very well known and strong brands. This year sales forecast versus the current turnover are electing the Group as being on the top of sales, beating Toyota’s myth for the very first time in the last recent years. As previously...
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