customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction vs Customer Defection

Some time ago we wrote about that topic (and related costs). The following is a true story, I will tell you about this one step by step to comply with the limits imposed by the website. The events! 1991 One night, my car, registered 1989 with 45.000 Km (I bought it new and always done the MOT at the official place) after the start at a traffic light, suddenly stopped as pushed by an invisible giant...

Why should we say thanks for every complaint we received?

Starting an article with such a title, which means in itself a “strange“, “particular” question which could cause laughter to most, has, actually, a specific basis which we will try to explain. Why would we thank for a complaint? Each of us was a customer, or is one now or will be one and you’ve had a chance to have “first-hand experience” the unexpected eventuality,...

Choose your customers carefully!

One of my favourite characters is Bill Cosby, not only because he is a legendary comic, but because he is also a serious academic in his own right. He once stated (paraphrasing) “I’m not too sure what the key to success is, but I’m convinced that the key to failure is trying to be all things to all people”. Too much of something can kill you – even water. Everything should be done in moderation...