Interview with Mr. Roland Schell, MD Mercedes-Benz Cars Italy

Date of interview: April 24, 2012 Professional Profile: Roland Schell Notes: Interview by Pietro Montagna I had the opportunity to interview Roland Schell and I did not let slip the opportunity, trying to bring the discussion on the future of our industry, because speaking about the present would have been disheartening. The Italian market continues to fall, while the world continues to grow. In 2011,...

“After Market” Electric Cars

After Market
Sunday, May 22, at the fair Terrafutura was held in Florence an interesting workshop on sustainable mobility organized by the no-profit organization Energoclub represented by Professor Gianfranco Padovan. During the event the main issues of context were addressed: Air pollution Recharging infrastructure Security Electric traction The environmental crisis in urban areas, clearly illustrated by Dr....