At last! Up!+Citigo+Mii surpasses Panda

Let’s say once and for all…. AT LEAST! We have had enough about the torment dealing with the Panda (Italian approximation sign) rose after the press triumph at the Up+Citigo+Mii! launch. Obviously this ironic and sarcastic sentence is originated from both public and private huffy comments due to the publication of the post “Because nobody says that Panda is sold more than Up!…. article from...

Automotive Space in the 30 most influential European digital media in Martorell

After so much buzz on the Social Networks (Facebook – photos – and Twitter with the hashtag #LeonSTdrivingday) it seems unlikely that some followers do not know that AS has been invited to the presentation of the new Seat LeonST, as one of the four Italians media, within the group exclusive of the 30 most influential digital media in Europe. It was a source of great joy, pride and satisfaction...

In search of the lost platform (as long as cross-segment)

Watchword: share. It matters little that if we are talking about social networks or platforms. The first is the reality of the moment, the other a necessity for the cars manufacturer, searching for the magical tool that allows to churn out new models in bursts, while maintaining a unique structure, from the city car to the SUV. If the concept of shared platform applies to similar segments, for which...

Why nobody says that Panda is sold more than Up! ?

Yes, you read correctly, and it is no use you get excited – I’m referring to the pro Germans (VW e.n.). The numbers speak clearly, whether you like it or not! But what is surprising is how the news is virtually absent from any type of media; then perhaps we can find some painful – but true – explanation without a particular effort. Thanks to our friends at I received...

When scale economy compromises quality

Using the same parts for different models of cars, and for different brands in the case of auto groups, is definitely an intelligent solution for cost containment and the allocation of fixed costs on a larger number of vehicles, besides the reduction of merchandise in stock by adopting a just in time production system. But sometimes this industrial logic was adopted too hastily and without a careful...
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