Relaunching Alfa Romeo: A bit of Ferrari in the future


While the spotlight around the world are focused on the latest models of the Detroit Motor Show, in Italy still echoes the words of Sergio Marchionne and John Elkann pronounced during the press conference about the Group, the results achieved and the perspectrives for the future.

In fact the merger and the IPO were discussed, as well as the ” new headquarter issue”, dealt with after the Chrysler ‘s complete acquisition by Fiat, which is now out of Italy, waiting for the expected and actual relaunch of Alfa Romeo: so this new company will (still) have a strong English accent, as is inevitably the case, considering that the figures and the profit margins are mainly produced abroad.

But let’s just come to the question of the Alfa Romeo relaunch: leaving aside the argument “electric cars” (for which so long ago the Italian-Canadian CEO was highly skeptical) the major innovations in the technical area will cover the introduction of engines borrowed from none other than … Ferrari!

It was reiterated the fact that the return to certain elitist levels passes – without a doubt – for models and chassises typically Alfa, and not derived from Fiat, being the name and tradition of the brand a real guarantee in terms of determination and sportsmanship.
This strategy is certainly not new: it’s palpable in fact the success of the investment in Maserati, increased from seven to twenty thousand units produced over the past two years, ever since models like the new Quattroporte and Ghibli have been joined to the Granturismo, leveraging the know how of the prancing horse House.

Alfa Romeo 8C

The units involved will almost certainly derive from the petrol V6 (2979 cc, twin turbo and direct injection) available today in two steps of power, 330 HP (243 kW) and 410 HP (301 kW), and diesel V6 (2987 cc, with Multijet direct injection), also with two different power levels, 250 HP (184 kW) and 275 HP (202 kW) produced by VM industries, maybe slightly detuned. Less likely the adoption of the 3.8 V8 Biturbo (3,798 cm³) for 530 HP (390 kW), while it is practically certain the use of a platform specially designed for rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Now no one questions Mr. Marchionne’s actions, also because of the remarkable results from 2003 to date: the last in order of time is just the total acquisition of Chrysler. After all, who does not share his strategies will have to bear some more: Sergio Marchionne will remain CEO of the new society for at least the next three years, when perhaps his successor will be choosen within the group.

But let’s think a little what will be the result: will the adaptations of the V6 and V8 engines made-in-Maranello be able to raise the fortunes of Alfa Romeo?
Consider then that the “popular” models (ie MiTo and Giulietta, as well as the upcoming new Duetto) will however continue to use Fiat powertrains and platforms … Moreover, do not forget that the new Alfas won’t obviously be the only premium cars on the market: this is a segment in which, without a doubt, the leadership belongs to Germany, definitely a “tough nut” …

But what matters is the result, and of course we all hope that there will be as bright as possible, partly because it will be the future of a brand that has marked the history of the car, in Italy and in the world, as well as the thousands of workers still in “balance” with regard to their employment in the plants.

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