Body shop mechanic and car manufacturers, bewitched by boats

mercedes-AMG cigarette
  It is nothing new that designers and coachbuilders of the automotive field have focused on boats project, in particular on large yachts. Giugiaro has created partnerships with shipyards as Cranchi and Abbate and has signed a project about a new Baglietto long 48 metres, Antalia, in 2007. Norman Foster (McLaren F1) has signed projects of some futuristic yachts that are been admired – or at...

Luxury brand have been trouble with the strange sore… Tesla!

  I must say first of all that: the electric car fascinates me, I like its way to move without vibrations and with little noise. The electric engine seems to me elegant, with its round components which just rotate, almost without tremors. The efficiency is a byproduct of this elegance, with its 85/90% outclasses any internal combustion engine for automotive applications and it is comparable only...

QNX: the future and the present of the infotainment

Maserati rear obstacle
  QNX Software Systems Ltd is released by BlackBerry leading provider of operating systems, middleware, development tools and professional services for integrated systems. Audi, Siemens, General Electric, Cisco and Lockheed Martin use QNX technology for their on-board systems, medical device, industrial automation, router and more. QNX announced at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas, the last January 5th,...

Dealers: welcome to interesting times!

  The car market trend is positive in the World: in 2012 the enrollment grew by 5.7%. Not in Italy, where dealers falls in the middle ages and develop the numbers of 1979, when there were the Fiat 127, the Alfetta and the VW Golf’s first series, inflation was 24% and “Car and Driver” was at 1,25 US $! To comment this data, some authoritative representatives of the carmakers and three...

Appeal to all the ‘Alfista’: save our heaven!

  Regarding the Alfa Romeo Historic Museum, here’s a interesting story pointed out during an interview with Andrea Vecchi, the President of the Alfa Romeo Club of Milano.                                   “I worked for 10 years at Alfa Romeo in Arese. During 2009 the last Alfa Depts. in Arese were closed by Fiat: Design, Mechanics (where were ready 2...

The electric innovation: the voice of distrust

  After the article on the test of Tesla Roadster: “Tesla Roadester: the electrical solution!” the criticisms forwarded privately surpassed public. Comments are welcome in any case because are made politely and with arguments of value that help us to better assess the facts. Before going on I state that what I wrote about the test is exactly what I think, without any kind of conditioning. The...
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