Peugeot and Citroen: It’s nice to win easy!


By at least one semester Peugeot and Citroen started a radical transformation of production, managerial, commercial and communication.

Talk about the last aspect: the Communication!

Money are invested if there is something to communicate and when there are budgets to bind on.
Budgets are allocated if there are invoices.

Data about Italy and Europe show that there’s turmoil… to put it mildly.

From a management point of view consideration should be given on movements inside the company (The Peugeot family moves from 25% to 14% while France Government and the Chinese Dongfend hold now almost 30%) and on Tavares rise which is undermining Renault and dragging the discontent of Ghons entourage.

On the contrary from the production point of view the dynamics seem different:

  • Citroen has decided to lead a parallel division – premium DS– and focused on product news in the pursuit of the Design, Technology, Comfort but always paying attention to cost containment;

Citroen CX Club - Schraubertag 2012 061

  • Peugeot, instead, plan to reduce the current 25 models and reach the threshold of 13 by 2022. It confirms that the top of the range, for the moment, will stop at the new 508 and will increase its global presence by focusing only on the most required cars in the international market.

Peugeot 407 Coupé (logo)

In addiction the historic building PSA in Aulnay is just been closed and by 2015 are planned 11.000 redundancies. To understand the gravity just think that Termini Merese (Italian Plant of FCA Group) “worth” 7.000 employees.

Now considering that the loss about 2012 count 5.01 billion of Euro, you have to wonder how does an automaker – in a replacement market- can rebalance itself so that it will become the protagonist of the international media scene through communication events of great impact to launch products of great value?
Is its own work?

Of course not!

While illustrious journalist are dealing with trivial matters (such as the airbag position!!!) nobody remembers that this exploit is just another violation of European treaties on free competition!

The French State enters in first person in the capital of car manufacturers and, as noted long ago, demands for PSA a loan for 7 billion Euros; so that the European Community in itself will control any possible infringement.

It’s nice to win easy!
After all that money belong to European… which refers even to not French citizens. In particular the model of support to Renault is replicated but at the expense of the entire Europe.

And what about our industrial (italian) policy?

TODAY, hearing about industrial policy from our representatives in Europe, in a very generic way, is only the prelude to other abuses in the future.

As Giuseppe Capirone has already written on this blog (“Old Europe, if you’re there knock once“): or the Europe works well everywhere or, if should be two Europes, it would be better that it ends now…because the consequences are always paid by us…poor countries (less)…statesmen.

Translated by Federica Izzo

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