November: the FIAT Group in the world

Fiat 500 gigante

According to the main global markets data of November 2013 we can try to make a view, concise but accurate, on the trend of our National Builder about the main markets in the world, also expressing thoughts and forecasts.

European automotive market, overall, registered in November a little growth of 0.9%, this marks the end of the month with an increasing trend for the 3rd consecutive month.

In November the UK, France and Spain, on the other hand, had a sales growth with FIAT-Chrysler (UK: +50.1%, France: +2.6%, Spain +18.1%). The good performance of the 500 in UK is still confirmed indeed it ranks in the “top ten” of most sold models, moving from the 9th to 8th place with the registration of 3,024 cars.
However in Europe, Fiat Group data remain negative about the single month of November confirming the negative trend of the annual cumulative as well.

Italy appreciably affects these results with its registrations still down, even if it starts to record an attenuation of this trend (Fiat Group: November -12.3% and from January to November -10.7%) which would leave forecasting the very first signs of a possible recovery in the market for next year, even in Italy.

According to the new importance of Brazilian market, Fiat couldn’t even look at sales data of its section in South America.
Fiat still remains on the first place for sales with 553.716 units per year , ahead of General Motors with 489.763 and Volkswagen with 489.293; Fiat Uno and Palio with 333.947 (171.251 Uno and 162.696 Palio) go ahead the Gol (Brazilian Golf) by Volkswagen with 230.231, which instead places itself on the first place for the number of models sold.

Volkswagen GOL

Moving to the US market, the high number of Chrysler Group sales still improves in November of 16%, with the Jeep that even gains the 30% over the previous year thanks to more than 10.000 registered Cherokee in November. While Fiat results still lower than expectation, even this month, with 500 and 500L models without being able to repeat the positive results obtained in the 2012 with only one model (2013date: Fiat 500+500L: 39.491 units Vs 2012 Fiat only 500 model: 40.065 units).

In India the Fiat continues to recover after the suffered first part of the year that saw the management involved in the restructuring of the Dealers network.

November is positive also for the brand Fiat and Alfa Romeo in Australia that increase their rates even with three-digit numbers even if they still remain small volumes.

The Fiat-Chrysler group, among other markets, confirms excellent results in Japan, Canada and Argentina where Fiat brilliantly improves the annual increase of 30%, it is mainly due to the high number of Fiat Palio sold.

An important news, confirmed in November, comes from China where the joint venture between Fiat and GAC will double the production thanks to the positive forecasts about Chinese market for the 2014 and the new launch, in the next spring, of the Fiat Ottimo – a new compact model based on the Fiat Viaggio. It is also expected to expand the Dealer Network by the end of the next year, moving from the current 120 to 170 units.
To improve the image, and we hope the sales data as well, the most important next step will be the focus on the so call “brand awareness” , or better …emphasize the Italianness of the Brand!

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Translated by Federica Izzo

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